'Structural analysis of a basketball backboard during a dunk shot' simulation project by raahul_pu


I created a new simulation project called 'Structural analysis of a basketball backboard during a dunk shot':

In this project, we analyze the structural behavior of a basketball board when a dunk shot is performed.

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When a player performs a slam-dunk, the rim is subjected to axial loads and this phenomenon is tested in our simulation using a static structural analysis.

The CAD model was developed using CATIA V5 and imported into the SimScale platform as a STEP file. The geometry was meshed using the tet-dominant meshing algorithm.
The material properties were assigned for the face- and mounting-plates as steel and for the backboard as glass. Bonded-contact was created between the face-plate, containing the rim, and the backboard and likewise, between the mounting-plate and backboard. The backboard was assumed to be fixed to an external frame and hence movements were constrained in all directions. Also, the mounting-plate was assumed to be fixed to the entire post and hence movements were similarly constrained. In case of the face-plate, the z-direction was unconstrained as it could be subjected to deformation when the load was applied on the rim. The force of the dunk was applied as a nodal load on the rim, at a point farthest from the backboard.


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