'Stress in Frame MTG Angle' simulation project by tevans


I created a new simulation project called 'Stress in Frame MTG Angle':

About This Project Validate 3 party claims of excess stress in area around frame to plinth angle securing holes . If claim validated propose a solution. Solution should achieve max stress of 0.5 yield strength. material is structural steel hot rolled angle.

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Interesting description of your project @tevans!

How is the study going? Any results so far and if so, what conclusions could you make? I am looking for a Project Spotlight and would love to use your project!

All the best!



Hi Jousefm, I assume you are referring to the natural convection project? not much progress yet.

Have diverted to a structural problem that relates to reported high stress at bolt hole. Dived in to get a feel for the issues. I believe it is caused by the unsupported base of the angle adding bending stresses. Working to confirming or refuting that opinion. Will produce 3 x analysis of fully support 1 with vertical load, 1 with bolt load and 1 with both loads to see how the stress is developed as loads are applied. will repeat for unsupported base. With reference to the natural convection project, current conclusions are it is a bit hit and miss obtaining surface heat transfer values for air to soilid conducting surface. Often surface temperature is not know so requires an estimate (guess) before a valve for the transfer value can be calculated.


Sounds like a good plan @tevans!

Do you need a helping hand for your simulation so far? @Get_Barried, @vgon_alves, @Anware or me can help you out here!