'Stress Analysis of a Rocker Bike Part' simulation project by ahmedhussain18


I created a new simulation project called 'Stress Analysis of a Rocker Bike Part':

This project shows the stress analysis of a rocker bike part.

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Copy of project Rocker bike part by @vsloiselle.

This project is done in order to show the capability of the SimScale platform. In this project, the static stress analysis of the rocker bike part was performed.

The figure below shows the applied loads and boundary conditions on the red highlighted surfaces. Blue arrows show the applied forces, Red arrows show the restriction and Green arrow shows the allowance.

Two simulations were performed: one with linear tetrahedral mesh and second with quadratic tetrahedral mesh. The figures below show the von Mises stress in the rocker **.

Furthermore, figures below show the displacement contour plot in z-direction.

** All images above are the results from quadratic mesh. Moreover, the deformation is scaled 10 times in order to see properly the deformed state.


good study,

Does the small dent like feature serves any purpose ?




Not sure here also as I only did the study of this model. The study was done for @vsloiselle. You can ask him/her about this.



I was for giving the bike shock air canister more room.