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Stream Tracer filter wrong - Arrow wrong direction in Glyph filter

Hi, this is my project

I don’t know why the stream tracer didn’t show at all in the post processor.
I tried to adjust the point 1 & point 2; but it won’t appear.

Thank you.

Besides, I don’t understand why the arrow appeared in the x-direction while my flow should be in y-directoion in GLYPH filter under same project.

Hi @pkvoon!

The boundary conditions are the problems here. For the left side you are defining a velocity inlet in the x direction as well as a pressure outlet at the same time which you want to define in the +y direction. Just to give you a rough idea how the cyclone separator is set up you can have a look at this project here: CFD Case - Cyclone Separator.

On top of that make sure that you further fix your geometry and delete the 2 faces meeting each other.




@jousefm Thanks!