'Straight beam with damping of Rayleigh - Code_Aster SDLS123' simulation project by stadlerj


I created a new simulation project called 'Straight beam with damping of Rayleigh - Code_Aster SDLS123':

In this project a dynamic linear analysis of a beam with material damping is demonstrated.

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Updated the validation project from @ahmedhussain18 with simulations conducted with CalculiX.

For detailed study please go to Straight beam with damping of Rayleigh (Code_Aster SDLS123) documentation.

In this project the functionality of dynamic solver with material damping effect on SimScale platform were validated. The geometry used was a beam shown in figure below.

Four mesh cases were considered; linear and quadratic hexahedral which were created locally and uploaded to SimScale platform and linear and quadratic tetrahedral which were created on SimScale platform by using Parametrized tetrahedralization. The quadratic hexahedral and tetrahedral mesh are shown in figures below.

Linear dynamic analysis was performed. The beam was given a material damping by using Rayleigh damping coefficients. It was then fixed from both sides and a linear pressure increment of 1e5 Pa was applied on top face until 1e-4 s and than remained constant afterwards. Figure below shows the displacement plot of the beam at largest deformation. The displacement was scaled 500 times in order to show the effect deformation.

The graphs below show the comparison of acceleration along z-axis computed at the mid point of the beam with reference results for all mesh cases. The results produced are in good agreement with reference and therefore shows the robustness of SimScale dynamic solver with material damping effect.