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Stopping a Mesh

So, I just stopped a mesh that was in queue because I wanted to change some parameters. It appeared to proceed through to the “computing” step, and so I hit stop again (Sorry, it was a quick case of “elevator button syndrome”). Is this typical? Should I wait for it to start computing before hitting stop?

Would love to get some insight on what is going on behind the scenes… I would think that if something is in queue, a stop command should be almost immediate?

Hey @fastwayjim

I could reproduce the behavior. Of course this should not be the case. When you start a job first the data needed for the computation is processed before being transferred to a computation instance. If there is no instance available a new one has to be started and your job gets into “Queued” state for some time. During that time hitting the stop button is supposed to stop the job right away and give immediate feedback. I reported this issue. We will fix that, thank you for reporting!

Best Alex