Static Structural analysis of single Rectangular wing

I have made a single rectangular RC aircraft wing with rib structure and spars connected across ribs.
The wing will be fixed at centre with the fuselage.
I want to perform static analysis on the wing to determine the maximum force it can withstand.
What is the process(STEPWISE please) to do the static analysis.

Hi @D3falt!

A good start would be to share your project with us and I can have a closer look at your setup and give you some tips on things you can optimize. In the meantime you can have a look at this simple example: FE Analysis - Aircraft Wing. Also what kind of setups do you want to simulate? Ascend or descend? Which angle of attack (AoA)? Twisting of the airfoil?

For failure criteria you can use von Mises or Hashin Failure Criterion but the latter one is for fibre reinforced material which is not (yet) available on our platform. You can also take maximum displacement of the wing into account which should not exceed a specific percentage of the wing’s length.