'Static-clamp' simulation project by dheiny


I created a new simulation project called 'Static-clamp':

In this project a complete assembly of a clamp is analyzed under a static pressure load.

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The focus of this library project is to show, how complete assemblies can be analyzed on the SimScale platform. The CAD model was provided by Farzin Raafat. The STEP file consists of four single solids. They are automatically meshed using the automated tetrahedralization operation on SimScale. To speed up the analysis, first order elements were used. The mesh is visualized in the image below.

For the actual analysis, the four single solids are linked together via bonded contacts that are defined during the analysis setup phase. A static pressure load is assigned onto the two jaws of the clamp. As a linear system solver, an iterative method is chosen. The final result of the simulation is visualized in the image below. The stress plot shows that the maximum stress appears at one of the jaws, where one could now easily add some material in order to avoid such a stress peak in the design.