'Static analysis of a chair' simulation project by stharani


I created a new simulation project called 'Static analysis of a chair':

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A simple static analysis is performed on a simple chair to visualise the behavior of stress distribution and deformation of its structures.

The CAD model of the chair is downloaded from grabcad. Simple Tet- dominant meshing algorithm with automatic element sizing and 2 coarse mesh finess are used. Material properties of aluminium are imported from the SimScale library and assigned to the entire structure of the chair.

The portion of the leg facing downwards are constrained with all degree of freedom and a displacement driven load is applied to the seat edge of the chair. In addition, a pressure load is applied to the back rest of the chair.

Hence with the help of Spooles equation solver and pseudo time stepping simulation control, the simulations are completed.

The deformed and undeformed state of the chair are visualised using the wrap by vector function and portrayed clearly in the consecutive screenshots.

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Shashidharan Tharani