Static Analysis Error messages on offshore reeling hose with multi layers

Hi fellow Simscalers, I am quite new to this program and after trying to setup and run my model after some errors, am coming here onto this platform, which seems a lot easier to use and I really like that there is this forum to help ‘noobs’ like myself to develop their projects. :blush: Hope you do not mind, my descriptives might be a bit of a short essay… haha :grinning::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am trying to simulate a finite element analysis on an offshore reeling hose section, with different layers and a spring section in the middle of the geometry. At the moment, I used the Static Analysis setup format and am running into errors. I do need help, because I have been looking at the project, and as it may appear rather complex. It may take some time to analyze and find errors, but I will be grateful with any help to get this fixed.

I used a fixed boundary condition, but do take a look at my boundary conditions, to point out if, they may be conflicting, or and where, if any. I go a support suggestion to look at this. For example, I have a fixed constraint on the outer bodies and also imposed displacement curve. You should define one and only one boundary condition per face. For such a model with about 18 layers, will applying one fixed end on one layer say the inner core layer which is the liner be sufficient for such FEA?

Secondly considering that the model has elastic material layers and a spring layer inside, is the setup correct to adequately model the scenerio as should be?

The initial error message was: “The specified maximum runtime of the job was exceeded. The simulation run was stopped and potential intermediate results were restored. You can increase the maximum runtime in the simulation control section to enable a complete simulation run.” SO, I increased the runtime a lot, and yet it did not resolve it, rather it still crashed after a lot of runtime minutes (up to 150-250) and some CPU hours. It just showed Error and no message. :neutral_face::open_mouth:

I am assuming that the error may also be thrown up at the time are potentially related to contacts but I do also need help with fixing that as I think there are contacts where I don’t know the best way to resolve them. I used automatic contacts and it bonded all the layers. Should that also be the same case with the hose layers and the spring layer? In addition, is there anyway I can reduce the allocated simulation time, as it runs for long and may be solving a lot of matrix equations?

I do appreciate help at the moment from @jousefm and @simscale and any of the recommended FEA teams here on Simscale. It would be great if I could get the input from both rookies and newbies like me and also someone who actually knows what they’re doing. :grinning::sunglasses:

The project can be found here for the static load case

I also want to do different load cases on the model and ambitiously have setup the combined loading cases for the same project here

Thank you so much. Any help and support on this project will be much appreciated. :smiley::smile:



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Sorry for the late response DonVic!

FEA Squad, can you have a look at this setup. As for the message you have to increase the maxium runtime in the simulation control.



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Hi @donvic,

Sorry I did not notice your post earlier. I will take a closer look at your model this evening but at first glance this is a very large model, around 2.7e6 DOF. I also noticed the elements were 1st order elements and realistically with how thin the geometry is the elements should 2nd order. Unfortunately, this will make the model much, much larger. :frowning_face:

To check to if we can get this model to run try changing the Mumps solver (under numerics) to PETSC. Also change the Maximum Runtime to 10,000 seconds.

Let me know if this makes a difference.

Good Luck!


Hi @cjquijano and @jousefm
Thank you for responding to my request. I have increased the number of iterations as advised and also remeshed the model. It is stilll running into error messages using the PETSC so am just combinning different control subfactors for the Simulation Numerics, but it has not worked so far. Am still trying to tweak it, but if you have another recommendation or advice, it would be nice. If you can also try to setup the model and run it, I will be grateful to have some good results on it, and also any help from the FEA Squad. Once again, thank you. :sunglasses:


Hi, it appears I need a bigger license to be able to achieve this model, as I seem to be able to have a complete run of this model in community license. Any help from the @fea_squad will be grateful. If anyone is able to achieve this can share the link to me or similar. Thank you.


Hi @donvic,

Take a look here.

Please let me know if this helps.


HI Christopher,
Thank you so much, that is very helpful.
You sorted the issues on the model for me, so grateful for the support.
Once more, thank you. I will study the revised model more.
:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


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