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'Stacked Box Case' simulation project by vsriv90


I created a new simulation project called 'Stacked Box Case':

A static simulation of stacking-case. The aim is to see what the forces results would be upon stacking boxes one on top of the other. The weight of each box is assumed to be 25kgs, and a total of 8 boxes are stacked one over the other.

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A sample project has been made in this model, with a setup for stacking boxes. The aim of this simulation is to see the stress concentration on the case body upon adding of different number of boxes one on top of the other.

The CAD model has been shown below:

The box has been assumed to have a softer material inside, which is covered with a steel plate. The softer material can act as a thermal isolation, helping the temperature inside the case to remain constant for a longer period. A contact has been provided between the softer material and the steel.

The 4 areas on the top were designed to carry the stacked load on them:

The box weights around 0.22 kgs on its own, and it has been assumed that the total weight of the box (with things kept inside it) would be average of 25 kgs each. The steady state structural simulation has been designed to have 8 steps (to match the stacking of 8 boxes one on top of the other).

The legs were made of steel in this case- same as the body- but they can easily be exchanged easily for wooden or plastic legs too. They were also assumed to be bonded with the body of the case, but can also be provided with different contact algorithms.

As can be expected, the load on the body is higher at the legs and the point of the stacking: