'Spray Tower' simulation project by chienee


I created a new simulation project called 'Spray Tower':

Flow in Spray Tower

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Hi @chienee, I noticed that the simulation run failed several times. Do you need any help with fixing it?


Si Jia,
Ya. I wouldn’t mind some help in what I am trying to do. Instead of only treating the symptons or going into my thought process, I am actually looking for some guideline or similar example/test case that would help me trying out project.
Per the title of the projects, I am looking to simulate what is happening in a spray tower. It typically has one/two (or an array of) spray nozzles that inject water into a counterflow stream. Would you have any suggestion to help with my setup?



Hi @chienee, first of all, you forgot to specify gravity in the project. Besides that, the mesh next to the inlets is too coarse. You can try with a finer mesh.

One good example to take a look is this free surface waterfall project. You can copy it to your workbench and check out the set-ups.

Hope this helps!