'Spedzione - SimScale' simulation project by vmarpadga


I created a new simulation project called 'Spedzione - SimScale':

Lift optimization on model aircraft surface

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Hi @vmarpadga ,

This reply is regarding your support request.
Firstly, I see that you have selected a “Transient” Analysis to begin with. If this was intended then that’s fine. But as transient simulations take a long time , I would suggest to do a " Steady " analysis first.

Secondly, The simulation Error is due to your Boundary Condition (BC) setup. For the current setup, you have setup a custom BC and used ‘2D Empty’ which only for 2d meshes. Also you have assigned all faces to this BC ( should have been top, bottom and 2 sides faces) .

I would recommend you to use the standard Wall-Slip BC as shown below and assign only top, bottom and 2 side faces.

For reference you can follow the setup of the below project (as you taking the full model you will not need the “Symmetry” BC):

I hope this will help.