Some parts no contact on Heat transfer

Hi Simscale power users,

It is an LCoS optical system for AR glasses. I fed heats to 2 parts and got the acceptable results.

To reduce the temperature, it was added 3 plates using freecad program export to step file.
And the result was strange. The center became hotter and other blocks were cooler.

I found a message at ‘ simulation runs ‘ stage. Several parts became ‘ no contact ‘.
Hope you give me some advice why they split up.

Hi Jimmy, and thanks for using the forum!

I can see from your first model that there are some intersections, which need to be fixed:

Your second model also has intersections.

After fixing the intersections, I would suggest to perform a mesh independence analysis, specially use 2nd order elements for the thin walled parts, as explained in this article:

This will help you build confidence in the results.

If you received a message warning about parts not being in contact, please also review your model to make sure that the contacts are correct.

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Good Work

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