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Solving bellow using shell element

I have a bellow i have solved by using solid element but i liked to solve by using shell element , I don’t know i have solved properly using shell

Boundary condition’s are
1.Both the end’s fixed
2. inner side pressure 1MPa

Same Boundary condition if i solve for cylinder that’s working for bellow it’s not working

Thanks for advanced reply


Venkat R

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Hello @venkatesan,

Currently Simscale does not support shell elements. I believe they are currently working on this but their is no time frame as to when it will be implemented in Simscale.


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Thanks @Cristopher
Is there any other chance to solve the same problem using shell element because my geometry thickness is very less compared to length

HI @venkatesan,
I usually solve problems like this with a fine mesh and second order elements. It makes a fairly simple problem very large but that is what is needed currently on the Simscale platform.


Hi @venkatesan!

Since you need to only apply pressure inside, your case will be symmetric. Therefore, you can only take quarter of your case which will reduce mesh size and thus computation time.



Thanks @ahmedhussain18
I will try with symmetry