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Solution fields "resetting" and never loading


Hi folks,


I’ve been pleased trying out the new “standard” TET mesher following @Retsam’s guides. Excellent BL coverage even with a HUGE mesh of 19MM cells.

I just completed the first two full runs of this mesh and have a weird situation where Solution Fields seems to continually reset itself. It gets through loading and the little blue bar goes to full, but it sticks me eternally on t=0.00 and in short order announces that it’s lost connection and will try to reconnect. After that it starts the cycle over again.

This has NOT been the case until I surpassed about 400s of results. All other sims were able to visualize just fine and while this one was running I was able to visualize until 400s.

I’ve tried Brave and Chrome, running newer MBP with OSX Catalina.

Please help! I’d love to see this monster!
Runs are 85MPH_alpha10 and 85MPH_alpha12. Forgive the ugly organization.



Figured it out so I’ll leave this here for posterity. Something about the isovolume I had defined was blocking the visualization. I removed it and everything displays properly now. I’m able to define a new isovolume with no issues. Yay!


Thanks a lot for troubleshooting this by yourself Josh - will forward that to our PP engineers!