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Solid plate cooling problem

I’ve got a simple simulation of a hot aluminium plate cooling down (transient, non-linear). I’ve set initial temperature to 140C and the boundary condition is a surface heat flux for all faces. Heat flux uses a table that describes heat loss from aluminium surface through radiation at different temperatures ( and ambient temperature 24C).
Every time I try to run simulation it throws an error. I’ve tried different solvers but without any luck.

Any ideas what’s wrong?


Hey @yinu!

Thanks for the detailed description of your project. I have made two successful runs but with different boundary conditions though. What I think is that the heat flux you defined might not be consistent with time meaning that it might actually take longer to transport the heat away than the simulation actually runs which might be a problem. There can also be another issue with the thickness of the component speaking of the mesh but that is not for sure - give me some time to investigate this a bit further!

For any other hints or tips I did not cover I will tag our @FEA-SQUAD.

Thanks for your patience! Keeping you up-to-date.


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Hi @yinu

The parameter column in a table definition should always be increasing, and yours is decreasing. Please fix this and try and run your simulation again.

You can corroborate this in the error message of the simulation log:

Les abscisses de la fonction F_6 ne sont pas strictement croissantes.

I know it is in french and a little hard to find, here is hoping this messages improve in the future.


Thank you both for help, your’re great!
I’ve changed the table order and it works now.