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Softwares to use to create geometry

Hello everyone, I’m new to SimScale and I’m trying to realize my first project.
I need to perform some thermal simulations and I thought it was possible to create the geometry of my sample directly on SimScale. I am seeing now that SimScale ask me to upload a file to create geometry. This means that I need an external software to create the shape of my sample. Could you advice me a not extremely complicated and free software I could use to create geometry to upload in SimSCale?
Thanks a lot for your attention.

Hi @mrosalia,

I suggest to use OnShape. It is free for hobby use, you have a huge repository of drawings (in public domain), you can transfer your geometry from OnShape to SimScale ‘directly’. OnShape provides tutorials and you would need to spend a couple of weeks in order to be able to navigate in OnShape application.



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Hello @Retsam,
thanks for reply. I’m following OnShape tutorial to be able to realize my structure. Thanks a lot for the informations. I’m noticing that it’s very easy to trasnfer the models created with OnShape CAD to SimScale.
Thanks again for the answers. I wish you a pleasant week and weekend.

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