'snow making nozzle' simulation project by jcochran


I created a new simulation project called 'snow making nozzle':

snow making nozzle

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@jcochran - interesting sim! I have not understood what exactly it is you’re simulating, but from a first glance, I think one issue is that you don’t have enough cells across the flow channel in the “inlet pipe”. In one direction there are only 2 cells which means, if you apply a no-slip wall boundary condition to them, there is no fluid going through anymore. To fix this easily, I would recommend that you increase the fineness to say “moderate” (or fine, give it a try) and add all physical walls (so everything that is sort of “wetted” by the fluid) to the “Surface with layers” - then the mesher will inflate more cells at these walls to capture the near-wall boundary layer of the flow. Hope that helps!