'Sloshing of Fluid in a Moving Fuel-Tank' simulation project by Ali_Arafat


I created a new simulation project called 'Sloshing of Fluid in a Moving Fuel-Tank':

This project simulates sloshing of fuel inside a moving fuel-tank.

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This simulation models the sloshing of fluid in a moving fuel tank. Movement of the fuel tank was assigned by the Solid Body Motion option for the tank.

The geometry is a 30 gallon cylinderical tank. The inside domain was meshed using the ‘SnappyHexMesh’ on the SimScale platform and has about 0.5 million cells. A mesh clip of the domain is shown by the figure below.

For this sample project the fluid is assigned properties of water and the second phase is air. The simulation was run on 8 compute cores and took around 11 hours to complete. The figures below show predicted behaviour of the fluid inside the tank by the fluid phase fraction and velocity at different times


how did you generate those images?


Can i have the case and data file of this project sir.

for my further study on sloshing.


Hi @Jashuva!

You can download all the files necessary inside the workbench. Another nice sloshing project of our PowerUser Darren (@1318980) can be found here: 'Fuel Tank Slosh Analysis' simulation project by 1318980

Feel free to add your comments,ideas and questions.




I have carried out a similar analysis on a real race car secondary tank: [Tank sloshing simulation](https://cfd-freelancing.com/portfolio/tank-sloshing-cfd/)