'slanted box' simulation project by hermanowicz


I created a new simulation project called 'slanted box':

various CAD inputs

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seems like you’re getting along with SimScale! I had a quick look at your setup - looks very good. One thing that I think could be optimized is the simulation control.

You’re running a steady-state simulation, so the actual end time value is irrelevant since only the iterations of the solver are important to find the “equilibrium state” of the flow. So you could simply set the Start time to 0, end to 1000 and time step to 1 - that way you’d have 1000 iterations which is generally a good place to start.

2nd point is that you write out every time step by setting the write interval to 1. This means your result data will get very, very large and as it’s a steady-state simulation, all time steps except the last one are only good for “debugging” the simulation, but other than that, they can be neglected. So I’d recommend setting it to 1000.

Last point: If you turn on the option “Initialize with potential flow” on, you’ll see faster convergence. Find more about it here: https://docs.simscale.com/docs/content/simulation/analysis_types/OF_potentialFlow.html




This is very helpful especially since I am preparing for more work!