'Ski stand FEA' simulation project by sliwsky


I created a new simulation project called 'Ski stand FEA':

University project

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Hi @sliwsky!

Nice CAD model and simulation! Is this some kind of leightweight design simulation? Would love to know more about it! :slight_smile:




Hello there @jousefm!

Thank you for expressing your interest in my project. This is part of a larger project, which is my university assignment. We are carring out an automation of welding process of the design. I am going to perform few more simulations, in which will be different materials and load disttribution.




Hi Matthew and thanks for your information!

I like the project a lot and would like to get more information about it. Are you planning to create a paper or presentation? Is so, please let me know as I am gathering projects for our project spotlight section in the forum. Would love to share yours!

Keep me up-to-date and happy SimScaling!



Hi Jousef!

Thank you once again! Yes, I am creating documentation and a brief presentation for the project. Also, I am planning to finish SimScale simulations by the end of weekend, so I will be able to provide you full description of the project after the weekend.

Take care!



Hi @sliwsky!

Any updates on the description? :slight_smile: