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'ski_jumper_handout' simulation project by filikat


I created a new simulation project called 'ski_jumper_handout':

Handout project for the Sports Aerodynamics Workshop : Homework for Session 1 (27th March 2017 )

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I forgot to comment last week, sorry.

Evaluating the forces, it is clear that both lift and drag increase in the 10 degrees simulation: lift goes from 249N to 284N and drag goes from 164N to 177N, with the pressure term that is always predominant. Overall, also the efficiency (lift-to-drag ratio) grows, going from 1.514 in the case of 5 degrees, to 1.604 in the case of 10 degrees, thus ensuring a higher glide ratio and a longer permanence in the air. Therefore I would choose the 10 degrees configuration.

From the slices, I also noticed that in the turbulent wake behind the jumper and behind the skis the air has less energy in the case of the the 10 degrees simulation (the plot is more green), meaning that the air is slower and thus there is more drag. Moreover, the vortices generated seem to be a bit smaller in the 10 degrees simulation.