'ski_jumper_handout' simulation project by atumbiolo


I created a new simulation project called 'ski_jumper_handout':

Handout project for the Sports Aerodynamics Workshop : Homework for Session 1 (27th March 2017 )

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In these simulations I have chosen to use the following angles of attack: 5° (25°) and 10° (30°).

By comparing the two solutions we notice that the increase of the AoA corresponds roughly to a 14% increase of the lift (for 5° L≈246 N, for 10° L≈280 N) while the drag increases approximately only by 8% (for 5° D≈162 N, for 10° D≈175 N).

Therefore the choice of the AoA of 10° is evidently the best, since it offers the biggest lift-to-drag ratio.