Simulation settings

Hi all,

I am simulating a CHT in an enclosure, the exhaust fan is inside the enclosure. How do I set my boundary conditions?

Attach is the link to the project -

Thanks in advance!

Hey there, and welcome to the forum!

Please follow the guidelines given in the following tutorial:

This should be enough to get you up to speed with boundary conditions and general setup. If you have more questions after following the tutorial and trying to apply the principles to your case, please come back and let us know.

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thanks for the reply. I have tried the tutorial but there is some difference between to the inlet and outlet as for my case, the exhaust fan is place within the enclosure (before the outlet).

So in this case, do I need to create a MRF for my exhaust fan or there is another way to work around it?

Thank you once again for the reply! :slight_smile:

The MRF is a good approach if you want to check the performance of the fan blades.

If you only want to model the fan effect on the flow, you can also use a Momentum Source: