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hi I can not simulate this project always gives me the same error: “Maximum number of iterations exceeded when calculating temperature from a thermodynamic potential. This may be caused by low-quality mesh producing unrealistic pressure in a few cells or inappropriate boundary conditions, fluid properties or time step. Inspect fields for large values in the last time step”. I tried to adjust the mass flow of the elements but still the same error. the mesh I can not increase the fineness because it does not create the mesh. please someone to give me a hand because I’m losing hope. here is the link of my project:
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Hello matyfalcone
thanks for reaching out to us.

From what I can see there is a big difference in the individual temperatures.
What I would suggest is to use an initial condition for the housing in order to reduce the temperature difference between these two.

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thanks for your reply but i put her the two temperatures of the two fluids so she is telling me that i have to increase the initial global temperature.