Simulation run went to 100% then failed with unknown error

The project I’m working on can be found here:

I am trying to simulate a Kármán vortex street with water flowing over a cylinder. I ran a simulation named “.05 m/s” and it went to 100%, but it shows an error and I can’t figure out what the problem was. The simulation run event log just has two entries saying the job was prepared successfully, and that the run finished.

The cylinder is about 3 cm in diameter and the water flows at .05 m/s, with a .01 second timestep.

Can someone help me figure out the details of the error?

Hi @tryabin,

I once had a similar issue and it was related to the name of the run. Try to avoid using the slash “/”. Run your case with a different name, for instance “5e-2_mps”, and see if the problem persists.

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Thanks, I did the same run but changed the name to not include any special characters and this time the run completed without error.

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