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Simulation keeps failing

Hello! I am very new to this software and I will be using it for a research project. Essentially, it is an origami pattern between two plates that is called a sandwich structure, and I want to use simscale to ultimately plot stress and train when it is “crushed” between the two plates. I have tried several times to run this simulation, but all are failing, and I would really appreciate some help in figuring out why. Thank you so much in advance!

Hi @dawsonsthomas!

Checking out what’s going on there. Tagging the @PowerUsers_FEA as well here.



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Hi @dawsonsthomas ,

At first glance, I see that you have 18 solid bodies, with some overlapping and no connections modelling. That is no good.

You should fuse the inner bodies (in your CAD) so you end up with only 3 solids. Then define contacts between the plates and the inner structure so everything is connected and no solid body motion is possible.



Thank you so much for your help! I will try this and see what happens. I appreciate your help!