Simulation error


Hi, I am running a CFD simulation on a quad-rotor drone with front two motor tilted at 60 degree. I have managed to mesh the cad file with 2 MRF zone for the front motors. But had difficulties running the simulation. Below is the link to my project.


Hi @Brandonlth!

Tagging the @PowerUsers_CFD here to help you out - will also look at it later on to see what happened here.




Hey Jousef,

I’m in direct contact with the user (classmate :stuck_out_tongue:) and am troubleshooting his simulation at the moment. If we figure it out will post the fix here!




Hi Jousef,

Thank you so much for helping. Looking forward to your reply!


Thanks Barry! :slight_smile:


Barry - connecting people :wink:


Hi everyone,

Regarding this issue, it seems to be a geometrical problem at the moment so that is currently being fixed.

After that has been done it will be re-run to see if the problems of instability has been resolved.