Simulation error


Hi @damiduz,

yes, I’ve started cleaning your model. You can have a look on it here:

Do you have experience with Onshape or other CAD package? If so, we could collaborate in order to simplify the model. ^^



i know solidworks a bit


Ah okay. I’ll be back with the clean model. :slight_smile:


thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @damiduz,

Check this out: :wink:
“Simple” geometry. Please note that the model should be scaled like you’ve done with the other meshes.

The model is de-featured now, and is halved taking advantage of symmetry.
Try to mesh it. If you have any other questions, just reply to this thread. :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,


you have done it nicely
can i get the cleaned .part of .step file


Well the easiest way to do this is to copy my project , then in the geometries menu you can download the model. Note that it is not .step it is .stl. I got error message when tried to upload like step.
By the way feel free to use the onshape link in the earlier comment. There you can find the original models.


thanks boss


Hey @damiduz,

how’s it going?

I checked your latest activity and it seems that you are back working on the dummy truck. So I made up a simulation based on the cleaned geometry.

Accidentally I gave negative value for the air stream velocity…
But hey, the aerodynamics of a truck driving in reverse at 90 km/h can be investigated now! :stuck_out_tongue:

So if you’d like just check the project and modify at your will!

Bests, and have a nice weekend,


as I had to show some results I worked on the dummy model I will look on your model soon. thank you so much for ur help bro.


You’re welcome, bro! Is it some kind of school assignement, that you had to show results?


yes it is. this is my final year research work