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Simulation error without Log - Conjugate Heat Transfer

Good Day,

I have been struggling for two weeks now with this project of mine:

Which consists of the modeling of a PCB with two ICs that dissipate an specific amount of power, and a third one that does not, but receives thermal flux through the board and its temperature is critical. The board is floating in the open air with the effect of natural convection.
I want to simulate the interaction through the board of the three ICs and the effect of the natural convection in the system.

I followed some tutorials and read the documentation, but when I try to run the simulation, it stops with an error shortly after starting without any simulation log.

Could you please help me find the mistake?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @jorolpr!

Interesting project you have there! Let me tag our CHT experts @sjesu_rajendra as well as @vgon_alves here who might help you out with that project. At first glance it looks like the surfaces are somehow overlapping - for CHT they only need to touch . I will have a look at that as well later on and see if I find any grave mistakes in the setup.



Thank you for your swift response!

The contact surfaces between the PCB and the ICs are made like that because I needed both faces to define the contact resistance. The STEP file was made in Onshape, if there is an specific way to make it in order for Simscale to work well with it, please let me know.

Thank you!

Hello @jorolpr,

I understand that you are performing a natural convection simulation. From the interface definition I notice you are defnining a tranmittance rate for natural convection. If you know the heat transfer coefficient then I suggest you can perform a ‘Heat transfer’ simulation instead of CHT.

In case you prefer to use the CHT approach please remove the ‘convection’ that has been defined in the interface section. Convection is specified in-built depending on the solid materials and flow condition.

I hope this should help moving forward with the simulation!