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Simulation error about Gauge pressure diverging


This project is about thermal comfort assessment for a small lecture hall with 80 people. I have two AC duct inlets and two outlets. (
I followed the tutorial “Thermal comfort in a meeting room” step by step, but after 6 simulation runs I keep having the same error message after about 30 minutes: “Gauge pressure field started diverging”.
I tried in each simulation run to change some parameters after checking online, (refining the mesh, changing the initial pressure, applying under relaxation) but same error report was showing in every run.
I appreciate any assistance to fix this error.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @karimdib,

A couple of pointers:

  • The model seems to be scaled down by a factor of 1000 at least:

    You can run a “Scaling” operation directly in SimScale to fix it:


  • The algorithm informs you where the divergence started happening. In your case, it was at one of the outlets. I’d definitely try extruding both inlet & outlet a little more, to create a more stable configuration.



Hi Ricardo,

Thank you for your swift reply. I did not know that the scale can be modified when importing a file from Simscale.
I will scale it and retry the simulation.
Thank you very much for you useful insight.