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Simulation assignment on the geometry is not supported


Hello All,

I’m working through the pump tutorial but after generating the mesh I get this warning “Simulation assignment on the geometry is not supported for the currently selected mesh. Try to regenerate your mesh or use the mesh as simulation domain”. After looking through some of the posts here it says that I should just carry on but then I get another warning.

“Simulation assignment on the geometry is not supported for this mesh. By continuing all assignments will be reset.”

I’m new to this and was hoping to get through this relatively easily, at least with the help of teh tutorial. Any help to make this an easy process wold be greatly appreciated.


My Project here


Hi Kas!

I assume that your mesh did finish - simply click Use mesh as domain and you should be good to go. The internet in the train is too bad to open your project at the moment :smiley: Try what I have proposed and let us know if that worked!




hi @klewis
@jousefm sir was right.

i was found one mistake in your inflate boundary layer. you assign 94 faces ( except inlet and outlet face) but there was total 97 face.
i was run your project. just copy or follow the step.



The tutorial says to leave out the containment volume (where the impeller rotates) s that snot needed. This should be 97 - 3 = 94 faces. It could be that I’m not understanding correctly. If this is the case please help me understand.

I also don’t understand when its says:

  • After the mesh is generated, use the mesh as the domain for simulation and click on reset the assignments when prompted.
  • Click on generate mesh clip to inspect the internal mesh. Adjust the settings of the normal. Click on generate mesh clip icon.

Where is this done and how, its great instructions… for someone who knows what do do.



Hi @klewis
You are absolutely correct if you are following the tutorial then you must select 94 faces leaving inlet, outlet and rotating zone faces.
@ROHIT_SR may have some other thought for this.
You had make a slight mistake i noticed, have a look and follow the tutorial’s procedure correctly. Change the cell zone setting to with cell zone.

You see this message when you have 2 or more mesh to work on. Just click on the mesh you want to work on and this message will pop up. Simply click it and you are good to go.


You can generate mesh clip for analyzing the mesh more deeply. You can generate one by clicking on the mesh clip icon which is highlighted in the picture below.

I hope all of your questions are answered.



Thank you, your help has been amazing and really allowed me to get through using Simscale with minimal frustrations.

One last question, should the simulation for the pump demo take 11 hours ??



Yeah, it can take that much time depending upon the mesh size and number of processing cores.


Also just learned that I can’t go above 16 cores on a community account :frowning: I was looking to model a propeller and rudder to see their interaction and forces on the rudder (to be used in water) but with just what i thought was a simplified thruster I got a message out of memory and more cores needed. I guess I won’t be modeling my system after all.

I might see if I can do just the rudder, but we will see.



Hi Kas!

One of the guys from the @CFD-SQUAD can help you out! They have access to more cores and can run the simulation for you once you let them/us know what we need to run for you. @CFD-SQUAD, unite! Let’s help our user here :slight_smile:

Cheers and happy SimScaling!



hi @klewis,
you are taking about above centrifugal pump simulation ?
or any other simulation? please share the link of your project I will definitely run your project.
don’t worry :slightly_smiling_face: