Simulating for F1 in Schools Design

Hi, I’m trying to run a simple simulation of a car for my schools ‘F1 in Schools’ entry, but I’m lost and way out of my depth. I’ve been trying to follow youtube tutorials and Simscale tutorials, but it’s way above my head,

I seem to have gotten as far as simulating, but it has failed three times now and I don’t understand the reason it gave. I’m happy to share the files if someone can help me

“Velocity = 1.67574e+08 at position: (5.308 m, 39.55 m, -3.995 m).”

Link above to what I’m trying to use, if that helps.

Hi @dfleming,

Thanks for posting your question!
I see that you have a mesh problem with small loss of geometry near the wheels. Please take a look down below.

In order to figure it out, I highly recommend you to set a face refinement using local element size for example. Please try to do that and then let me know if this works for you.