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Simulating conduction and radiation

Hi I am trying to do a simulation of a heat sink absorbing heat from some LEDs. I want to simulate the radiation of the LEDs to see the effect in conjunction with conduction of the heat sink. However it looks like in simscale I have to pick either conjugate heat transfer or convective heat transfer. Is it possible to do both conduction and radiation? Am I missing something?


Radiation should be possible for both CHT and CHTv2 analyses:

Naturally we have conduction being accounted for for CHT. Does it not give you the option to enable radiation?


I missed that option thanks ricardo! Another question, is it possible to monitor what the temperature of the air would be in a specific region of my model?

Nice! Depending on what you are looking for, and area average and/or a probe point result control might do the trick. This page contains more information.