Simulating and stuck at 0%

I am new to simscale and i have been trying to simulate a wind tunnel simulation using incompressible. The estimated time was 17-36 mins although it has been more than an hour and did not change in progress. What can i do to make this simulate or how do i fix this.

Hello emislang,

Unfortunately, the run seems to be missing.

I see that you are running a current simulation. Please let me know if you face the same issue so that I can have a look at it.

Best regards

Same issue here. I’ve been trying to run a conjugate heat transfer simulation, but the progress for meshing has not changed. I tried restarting the simulation to no avail.

Hello johncruz9599 and emislang,

we are currently facing an issue with our servers, which results in that now simulation projects are starting.

Our team is working on this.

Best regards

Hello @johncruz9599 , @emislang ,

The issue that we were previously facing with the servers should all be recovered by now. Thanks for your understanding and reporting this!

Please do let us know if you face any unusual behaviour though, we’d be happy to further help.