Simulate airflow through a plenum


I’m trying to simulate the airflow through a cooling plenum that I’ve made (SimScale), and I’m new to the world of Simscale & CFD. It seems that tutorials and public projects all seem to use models that have closed ends. Do I need to bung up the entry and exit holes in my model before I can start testing?

Looking at the of the public projects, SimScale seems most like what I’m trying to do however I can’t seem to get mine setup in the same way. But again, this model is closed up … how does Simscale know what the interior looks like??

Many thanks

Not with that nice 1 solid geometry.

Use fluid volume extraction , have a look at that link and your second question should be answered…

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That’s exactly what I needed, thank you! I had to use the Open Inner Region which has worked perfectly

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