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SIMSCALE WORKSHOP - Introduction & Practice


This workshop was carried on 19th November 2019 at College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Main aim of the workshop to familiarize engineering students with SimScale, and its application in mechanical engineering to solve daily life design challenges. The real motivation behind this event was interest of students in new techniques and software that are coming into the industry, we can’t deny the importance of basic knowledge which is necessary. So, instead of just focusing on software, we also taught students about the working knowledge behind the software.

Around 50 students attended the event and used separate computers to work freely beside what they were taught. Firstly I covered slides provided by Simscale Administration, starting with a detailed introduction and application of SIMSCALE and then gave them a demonstration of FEA (static Structural). Everyone who was facing any difficulty was guided individually. Attendees were given brief introduction.

  1. Computational Fluid Dynamics
  2. Finite Element Analysis
  3. Thermal Analysis
  4. Introduction to 3-D modeling.

Outcomes of the Event

The workshop ended after 2.45 hours of its commencement. Everyone was happy with what they got from this event which clearly reflected in their feedback.

Here are few details of out accomplishment:

  1. Make sure everyone learns the basic concepts of above-mentioned terms.
  2. Students learned the correct use of SIMSCALE to apply those techniques.
  3. Individual mentoring of students.
  4. Helpful tips in gaining more knowledge.
  5. Overview about the scope of SIMSCALE
    At the end of the event, we had long Q/A session where the left-over ambiguities of the attendees were addressed.
    The workshop ended with the hope of not letting this learning passion to stop while we pat our self and showed our determination for the upcoming workshops on simscale.

Thank you so much for reading, your thoughts are welcome,

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