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I am a bit disappointed with your support. About six weeks ago I finished the structural mechanics professional training. I was wondering if and when approximately we will get a certificate for that, so I send an email to the course responsible. After not getting a reply I send another email a week later. This is now ten days ago and I still didn’t hear anything from you.

I got the training for free, but if I had payed for it I would be very unhappy about this service.



Hi Thorsten,

Thanks for voicing this and I will apologize for the lack of response on our end/delay. In the past we have only offered certificates for those who have successfully completed the Workshops. However, we have been receiving more and more requests for certificates for the Professional Training and will begin to distribute these as well.

We are working on the certificate templates right now (for the CFD and FEA, respectively). So just a little more patience and it’ll be on the way!