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SimScale Referral Program

With the SimScale Referral Program, you will now be able to earn additional core hours for every referred person that signs up to the platform. Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Think about a colleague or a contact from your professional network who could benefit from using SimScale.

  2. Let us know who they are by submitting our referral program form so that we can send them an invitation email with a link to try SimScale for free.

  3. If and once they sign up, we will send you a notification email and we will automatically add 500 core hours to your SimScale account.

This is a great way for you to earn up to 1500 additional core hours that you can use for your future simulation projects. At the same time, you help your connections to discover a simulation solution that can help them to start designing their products faster and more cost-efficiently.


I’m so happy to know about this @AnnaFless :slight_smile:
I’ve already invited three of my friends and they liked SimScale a lot! I just received the feedback from the last friend and I couldn’t wait to post this comment on the forum.
We’ll be working together on SimScale :smile: and now I’m waiting for my core hours :wink:


Hi @alamtania - thanks for recommending SimScale, we’re glad to hear that they liked it!

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