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I created a new simulation project called 'SimScale - Intake Adaptor - bnichols':

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Hi @bnichols ,

I see you are trying to Simulate a second geometry configuration. The “intake-2” CAD that you have imported has only “Shell” and not “Solids” . Such a CAD file will not work with the meshing.

Please , Edit your CAD “intake_2” in any CAD software to make them closed " Solids " , ideally only 2 Solids preferably in STEP format which is the most compatible.

In future, we will have an automatic way of doing it for you. But for now you have to do it manually yourself.


Yeah I have using FeeCAD to dial that in. Thanks for all your help. Next on agenda is to have free air on inlet with boundary around the base and pulling air in. My best estimate is the carbs ingest about 150 cfm. Granted we are in and out of the throttle. But have learned a great deal already and thanks again.