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Does anyone know a link to a video or some tutors that can help me learn the basics of Simscale? I’m using the software for the first time for my dissertation project, but a lot of the simple tutorials are for an older version of Simscale

Hey @ccamdenjayce,

Could you write more about your project? That way I can indicate the steps for the simulation according to your study.

Feel free to check out our YouTube channel here:

We plan to post more tutorials in the next time, so feel free to send us your suggestions and we can plan for that :slight_smile: Also check out the documentation as well as the basic tutorials here:



I also need basic tutorials of simscale step by step .M y project is related to gas emission from some source.


Some months ago I posted a step-by-step for a project involving leaking gas, which hopefully you find interesting: Gas water heater venting malfunction - CO hazard - A step-by-step tutorial

There are several documentation pages linked throughout the step-by-step guide, which I’d definitely recommend that you go through.