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Simscale has a Competitor

Hi all

Has anyone noticed that Simscale now has Compitition in the form of Conself, has anyone tried it out yet.

I signed up and started to build a Project, but got a lot of Bugs with things not working as they should, sent a couple of Bug Reports and I am awaiting there response. I would be interested to hear if anyone has had the same problems.

Looks like I will be staying with Simscale, it’s brilliant. Thanks to all at Simscale



Hi Graham (@CadManDo),

I browsed their homepage a bit and watched a demonstration video of their GUI, looks cool but I think SimScale has more advantages for instance the forum (which is the best support you can get with a fast reaction time when it comes to problems/questions). I never tried them though but I would say if you are comfortable with SimScale: Never change a “comfy” system :smiley: Sure everything has its advantages and disadvantages but at the end of the day it is you (the user) that decides who the most convenient provider is. But for me 200€/month for 5 simulations is a bit overpriced. That is just my opinion :wink: