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Simscale hangs while loading STL file


It takes a minute to get to 99% loaded and once it’s 99% loaded it stays 99% loaded for a very long time—long enough that every time I tried I closed the window before it got to 100% because it seemed it would never get there. I would like to do some analysis with Simscale but it’s hard to when you can’t upload your files. Is it normal for Simscale to hang while loading files without telling why it’s hanging? If Simscale can’t load the file, that would be very good to know so you don’t have to keep waiting when you have so many other things to spend your time on :slight_smile:


Hi @tsoares!

You can keep the post although you already managed to upload the file. I want to know if you changed anything during the process? Makes it easier in the future to identify problems that other users might have in such cases.




No change, just moved on to other things with the tab running in the background and when I came back to it was finally loaded. It’s a bit of a useless post now. Could you please delete? Thanks! :slight_smile: