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Simscale for Structural analysis

I have been learning Simscale since last week. I have a few doubts about it, I hope you will clear those for me.

  1. can we use Simscale for structural analysis
    Ex: let’s think if I want to calculate force’s acting on rotating propeller blades. Can we make this possible with Simscale?
  2. Which is better to do a structural analysis of a propeller blade either CFD or FEA.

Hi @chandbasha and thanks for your questions.

  1. Of course we can and if you browse our Public Projects library you can see plenty of simulation from the field of FEA and your propeller project can be simulated but for that we need more input parameter/information from your side to make clear statements!

  2. You basically gave the answer already by saying structural analysis. However if you want to perform a FSI (fluid-structure interaction) simulation both will be used but that feature is not yet available on SimScale.

Hope that answers your questions.



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