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Simscale exit codes

Does Simscale has a document detailing exit codes & their fixes? This would make it easier for us to diagnose simulations ending with errors on our own especially for those of us who work outside Simscale Office Hours. I had struggled with Exit_Code=139 & noticed someone else had queried about it before yet the fix was never explained any where.

Hi @mvusi!

Some of the warning and error codes can be found here: Log Warnings & Errors. Unfortunately there can be errors that have multiple causes so simply suggesting multiple reasons to fix a simulation will not help and is very daunting for the users - also it is most likely not solving the problem and might lead to even more.

For these kind of problems I always recommend using the forum and sharing your project with us as well as the support so that we help you out and use the project as another test case which will be used for statistics to further improve error handling in the future - but definitely a good and valid point that you mention!

Hope I could help a bit. Feel free to share your project with us in a new post along with a detailed description and what you want to achieve, we will help you out!

All the best.


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Thanks, will check it out.

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