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SimScale Community Contest 2019 - Prizes, Rules & Guidelines


Dear SimScale and simulation enthusiasts,

We would like to welcome you to this limited edition community competition. Get ready to show off your simulation and post-processing skills to the entire SimScale community. On your mark, get set, simulate!


Prizes will be awarded to the top four projects within each of five industry categories. (Find more information about the categories below):

The overall prize pool of 2000,- € is distributed as follows:

  • 1 ^{st} place prize within each category: 250,- €
  • 2 ^{nd} place prize within each category: 100,- €
  • 3 ^{rd} place prize within each category: 50,- €
  • 4 ^{th} place within each category: SimScale swag package


All projects must be created on or before Friday, 12th of April, 2019 (midnight - Central European Time (CET))

\underline{\Large{\textbf{Submission Criteria}}}

  • Project must be public
  • Must contain a descriptive title and compelling project description (at least 100 words)
  • Must contain at least one successful simulation run
  • Must contain at least three post-processing screenshots (either created via the online post-processor or manually added to a comment)
  • Must contain a description and interpretation of the simulation results (via a comment on the project. At least 300 words)
  • Project must be created and simulated by a community user (for more information, see FAQs below)

\underline{\Large{\textbf{How to submit your simulation}}}

Tag your project with “SimScaleContest2019” on or before Thursday, 14th of March, 2019.

  • Fill out this form to be considered for participation, and winning one of our prizes.
  • Any edits or entries after the submission deadline will not be considered in the competition!
  • Projects created by a user within a paid license or professional test license are not eligible for submission. Sign up for a community account instead to submit your project.

\underline{\Large{\textbf{Community Challenge Judging Criteria}}}

All submitted projects will be judged by a jury of SimScale simulation professionals. The following criteria will be taken into account:

  • Relevance of the project to the challenge topics
  • Quality of the description and result interpretation (Important factors: length of description/interpretation, number of images used to provide context, number of relevant tags added)
  • Originality of the project (Copying another users’ project is permitted. However, only the additional content created by the user will be subject to submission.)
  • Quality of the meshing and simulation setup
  • Overall complexity of the project
  • The number of received likes
  • The number of shares and likes on social media

\underline{\Large{\textbf{Frequently Asked Questions}}}

  • What’s stopping participants from creating multiple projects to compete in multiple categories? Nothing at all! You can submit as many projects as you want using the aforementioned steps; please note that you will have to fill out the form for each project submission.
  • Projects created by a user within a paid license or professional test license are not eligible for submission. But never fear! These users can still participate by creating a free Community account and a public project. This way, the (online) playing field is even for all participants. Any edits or entries created after the submission deadline will no longer be considered in the competition.
  • In case you find yourself running out of core hours, but are close to finishing your project, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll try to help you out with some more computation power.
  • What if I run into problems and need help with my project? No worries! Just ask for help in the forum and we’ll try to solve the issue together.
  • Can I copy an existing project? Yes, feel free to get inspired by other public projects in the community. However, note that only the additional value added to the project will be subject to submission in the contest.

Note: Any attempt to manipulate winning parameters will result in an immediate disqualification.

We wish you the best of luck! Happy simulating and let the games begin!


Help for setting up an external supersonic simulation
FE Simulation on F1 Halo


The deadline has been extended to Friday, 12th of April, 2019!

Good luck and happy SimScaling!