SimScale 3D Printer Workshop


We’re inviting 3D printing professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world to join the sessions of the SimScale 3D Printer Workshop starting February 18, 2016.

You can register on the official page:


Unfortunatly i couldn’t join the first Webinar. Is there a recording? On the linked page there is tip: (Available from 02/20/16).
Is it somewhere else or is it late?



Still no access to the webinar, tutorial or homework.


@Wowbagger and @Fields, the webinar recording is now posted, homework and tutorials are coming soon.


Do you received all my homeworks? How it works with the “certificate of competition” ?!:grinning:


Dear Cabubua,

we received all your homeworks. Certificates will be sent out this week via Email :smile:





Hey! Still waiting…


k thanks got it already. :smiley: