Simplified Swril Diffuser with Perforated Plates

I´m working with a symplified version of a swirl difusor. I’m trying to use perforated plates to set 4 different directions as shown in the pictures

I used the Standart Mesh and the Hexdominant Mesh, both with cell zones but the results I´m geting are a litthe weird.

First just two of the four porous medias seams to allow air flows.

And also the air direction are is not correct, it is only going down (-z) when it shoud get a 28° angle

Here is the project URL.:

What would be the best solution to make it work properly ?


At a first glance, it looks like the mesh on the porous media is way too coarse. For example, from the porous media documentation page:

Visually, it looks like you have around 1 cell across the thickness right now. A good idea is to use region refinements for the mesh, to enforce a minimum of 5 cells.

PS: this project may be of interest.


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Thanks for the help! I made refinements as you suggested but the results still the same.

If you look at the air velocity magnitude at the cell zones you can see that just two of them are allowing air flow

And directions also doesn´t look right also

I’ve already tried different mesh strategies with other similar geometries and the results are the same