'Simple concrete' simulation project by clundstrom


I created a new simulation project called 'Simple concrete':

Something simple

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Nice work there @clundstrom!

Where did you get the data for the csv table from? Are these experimental results?




Hi Jousef

The data set is part of weather simulation data DRY Danish Reference Year for design purposes. In this connection simulation with the outdoor temperature for a whole year.
But maybe you can help me why the simulation only uses the first 100 seconds? (out of 31 mio. = a whole year)

My dataset looks like this:
You have 1 hour (3600 s) with one temperature, 1 hour with the next temperature etc. But as mentioned the Time/frame play back and graphs only shows for 100 s

7200; 273.55
10800; 273.65
14400; 273.65
18000; 272.55
21600; 272.05

31532400; 268.95
31536000; 269.05